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February 3, 2013



They always beat me up, insulted me, and humiliated me

I always loved them in return, gave myself in, to them,

So that they could always cool off their anger on me,

I just kept on walking, silently, with them always!


I loved them, cherished them, guided them,

Made them “known” in society, settled them!

They stabbed my back with daggers, hurt me,

I stood up again, and I again loved them, as ever!


I trusted them, helped them, always stood by them,

They made fun of me, fooled me, rejected me

I simply hugged them, forgave them, welcomed them

And kept on standing, with them, always for them!


I always stood, right there where everybody left me

I always believed, that one day, they all would realize

I always waited for all to come back to me, love me again

I always gave them time to understand the deepness of my soul!


Today I see with old and tired eyes towards the path I have crossed,

Looking nowhere, seeing nobody, but the far away mountains,

Which I have crossed, I am still walking on path of destiny

Falling down, again standing up, but never ever faltering from way!


My little son asks me sometimes, in his chirping childish voice,

“Papa what do you keep looking at, for hours silently, towards whom”?

I tell him lovingly, “I see beyond the horizons, and the time spent,”

I see how one comes across “THE MAKING OF A MAN”!!!!—————– bobby chauhan


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